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A romantic weekend near Paris

On the road towards the Loire Valley châteaux

The Hotel de France in Angerville is an ideal stop on your way from Paris to explore the Loire Valley châteaux.


Near the Loire Valley

Angerville is located 78 km north of the Loire Valley châteaux trail starting point (Château de Sully in Sully-sur-Loire). The French châteaux located in the Loire Valley, a UNESCO world heritage site, draw crowds of visitors every year.

Loire châteaux country

Most of these châteaux were built during the French Renaissance. They are one of the loveliest parts of French history. The trail, which runs from the Château de Sully to Chalonnes-sur-Loire, is a UNESCO World heritage site and draws tourists from around the world.

The châteaux closest to the hotel are the Château de Sully in Sully-sur-Loire (1 hour 15 min by car), the Royal Château in Blois (1 hour 25 min), the Domaine de Cheverny, shown here (90 min), and the Domaine National de Chambord (1 hour 20 min).

Romantic Weekend

To help you plan a romantic weekend at the Hôtel de Paris, near Paris, with an escapade on the Loire Valley châteaux trail, visit the official Loire Valley Châteaux website

The Hôtel de France was, in fact, once a royal stop, thanks to its ideal location on the road towards the Loire Valley Châteaux and Santiago de Compostela.