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Discover Chartres

During your stay at the Hôtel de France to the south of Paris

The town of Chartres is located 45 kilometres from the Hôtel de France in Angerville. On the threshold of the Loire Valley châteaux region, it is a key destination for travellers visiting the Essonne.

Explore Chartres

Planning a weekend to the south of Paris? We recommend an unforgettable day in the centre of Chartres.

Wander through the Chartres market, discover the town's elegant streets and alleyways, visit the art museum, take a break in the park on the banks of the Eure River with your sweetheart... and above all, take in the Chartres Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


The Chartres cathedral

At the heart of Chartres, take the time to discover this 12th and 13th century masterpiece. Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral is located 80 km to the southwest of Paris. A Gothic church, it boasts incredible sculptures and stained glass.

The official website is the perfect start to planning your visit: Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral