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Hotel near Versailles

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The Hôtel de France in Angerville is located an hour south of Versailles. It's the perfect home base to explore Paris, Versailles, Rambouillet, and the Loire Valley châteaux while basking in the comfort of a charming hotel in a calm and welcoming environment. 
Discover the town of Versailles, world-renowned for its château and gardens, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Château de Versailles

The Château de Versailles is one of France's crown jewels. To understand its history, visit the official site of the Versailles Tourist Office.

The Château de Versailles' park

The Château de Versailles' park spreads over 815 hectares. It was originally developed by gardener André Le Nôtre. The "Grand Parc" refers to all of the green areas which belong to the Domaine de Versailles. 

The Château de Versailles gardens

The Château de Versailles gardens, also known as the "Petit Parc", which lie to the west of the château, feature 386 artworks including 221 statues. 

See also

Discover the Grand Trianon, a small pink marble palace, at the heart of the Domaine de Versailles. And explore the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette.

Our hotel near Versailles offers the perfect way to spend a memorable day in Versailles and explore some of the key episodes of French history.